BBM announces Media Technology Monitor (MTM) 2009

In an era when we are continually bombarded with data on the latest technology trends, emerging devices and gadgets – personal video recorders, video on demand, satellite radio, MP3 players, high definition TV screens – there is a need to step back and reflect on the accuracy of the various claims that are made. The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) provides an opportunity to do just that.

 “Conducted annually since 1997, the MTM was designed to consistently and accurately track consumer adoption and use of media technologies. It is a high quality survey based on telephone interviews with 12,000 Canadian adults (6,000 Anglophones and 6,000 Francophones) and provides valuable information on consumer trends in television, radio, Internet, and other emerging technologies” explains Michael Abraham GM, New Business BBM Analytics.

 “Advances in technology present ways to change and improve the consumers’ media experience.  How consumers react to these new capabilities and change their media behavior is key to understanding the future media environment” adds Michael.

 Over the coming weeks, the following in-depth 2009 Media Technology Monitor reports will be released:

 Media Technology Adoption 

  • TV Distribution
  • Internet Users: Media, Social Networking and Beyond
  • Personal Audio  
  • Personal TV, Anytime, Anywhere
  • High Definition Television
  • Portable Media

 “We hope these in-depth reports will help the media industry obtain a better understanding of the larger media environment and grasp the ecosystem of tools Canadians use to consume media,” says Michael Abraham.

 Below are some highlights from the 2009 MTM Reports: 

The Internet is not Replacing Traditional TV Viewing

Although there is no question that a growing number of on-line users are turning to the Internet for video, the amount of time Anglophones are spending watching video online remains low – amongst online video viewers just over three hours are spent watching online video, and of that, about one hour is spent watching TV programs or clips specifically in a typical week. Clearly, while the Internet has a long way to go before it displaces the traditional television set, it provides a great way to discover new shows and for “catch-up TV” (Personal TV Report). 

Conventional Radio Still Rules

  As fast as technology advances, it is important to note how equally entrenched consumer behavior can be. Despite enormous choice, conventional radio is still the most used audio platform by consumers. However, the average amount of time spent listening to audio on a cell phone doubled in one year, and the growth in smartphones is the driving force behind this trend.  Consumers are starting to experiment with streaming audio on their smartphones as well, but we’re not seeing consumers take full advantage of their broadband wireless connections….yet (Personal Audio Report). 

Social Networking

 The Internet provides people with innovative ways to forge new contacts and stay connected.  In 2009, the number of Anglophone Internet users visiting social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace reached 56% (a 9 percentage point or 24% jump over the previous year), while instant messaging remained stable at 42% (Internet Users: Media, Social Networking and Beyond Report). 

Mobile Internet

A quarter of all Anglophone cell phone owners (26%) access the Internet from their phones, an activity that has almost tripled in the last five years (from 9% in 2005). Smartphone owners are more than eight times as likely as regular cell phone owners to go online and iPhone and Blackberry owners are the most likely of all (Portable Media Report). 

Personalizing TV viewing

In order to personalize their TV viewing, almost 1 in 5 Anglophones own a PVR. Expected for many years to be adopted rapidly, the PVR’s consumer utility is now competing with Internet TV and cable VOD (Trends in the penetration of audio/video media technologies are included in the Media Technology Adoption Report).

 BBM Analytics is the official marketer of the MTM. For further information contact Michael Abraham at or (416) 847-2054.


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