ByrnesMedia iPhone App

Greg Diamond – ByrnesMedia

The growth in popularity of the iPhone has been nothing short of tremendous. Apple smashed their iPhone sales records for their last quarter ending December 31st. A whopping 8.7 million iPhones were purchased. That’s a 100% jump over the previous year and almost 1.4 million more units than the previous record!

For radio, this is a chance to make our medium portable again. If you don’t have an iPhone app for your station, you should give it some serious thought. The obvious benefit is the streaming capability, but there’s also a cool factor involved that will create considerable word of mouth. As an example of just how much ‘street heat’ can be generated, The New Flow 93.5 in Toronto recently purchased a ByrnesMedia iPhone App and even before they had a chance to start their marketing initiatives, it had already become the #4 most downloaded free music app in Canada! On the same day it was the #82 most downloaded app overall!

We introduced the ByrnesMedia iPhone App late last year and since then it has become increasingly popular with more and more orders being submitted daily. From coast to coast we have built apps for stations in Vancouver and Toronto and are now fielding orders from the U.S. and overseas. We are currently building 18 applications for one radio group which will roll out in time for the next ratings period.

Here are a few things you might like to know about the ByrnesMedia iPhone App.

Main Screen

Like most players, our app allows the user to adjust the volume, pause the audio, rewind or fast forward it. Should you hear a song you really like, you can also “Tunemark” it and then either search for it on iTunes, email song info, or save it to a list for later reference.

Also featured on the main screen is an image link that rotates each minute to highlight a particular station benefit, a current promotion, a music feature, etc. Touching on a banner will take the user to a webpage where more information on that particular item can be displayed. Five such banners and corresponding informational web pages can be used at any given time. These can be changed whenever you choose, so your app can be in sync with your on-air programming and promotions. Stations have started offering iPhone logo inclusion for current and potential clients and have found it to be a very effective sales option.

Background Play

One of the more recent additions to the ByrnesMedia iPhone App is the Background Play option. The icon opens a screen that allows you to stream the station through the iPhone browser, Safari, and thus keep the station on while using other apps.

Contact Us

Giving the user easy iPhone access to the station is a self-explanatory benefit. We have included the following options: Email a Song Request; Text Us; Call Us; and Visit our Web Site. It should be noted that you don’t need to have all of the options included in your design. For instance, many stations forego the Text option. We’ll customize the app to your needs. Just tell us what you do and don’t want. By the way, the actual wording of the various option buttons is also up to you.

More Options

Social media is immensely important for not only today, but certainly in the future as the entire trend moves forward in an accelerating manner. As such, we’ve incorporated a number of social media capabilities into our app. Users can follow you on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Again, though, you choose which of these options you want.

We are also now placing our Clock Radio feature here. Giving your listeners the opportunity to wake up to your Morning Show is never a bad thing! Once again, you tell us whether you feel this should be included, or not.

User Feedback

We have been overwhelmed by the positive comments that this free-to-the-public app has received. Here are a few comments taken directly from Apple’s App Store.

Great App! Finally something useful, than those boring same apps! Love this station, now I can enjoy it anywhere, right on my iPhone!

Finally a Toronto station I can listen to on the go. Better reception than a couple radios I have @ home.

Great app. A must have.

All I asked was for you to be added to the Pocketunes catalogue and you go and do this. Fantastic. Thanks for listening to my email.

The best music app out there!

Great app. Been waiting for this for such a long time!!! Perfect streaming and no lags or cut offs! AND no need to check 12 hour playlist because it tells you every song playing.

I love this app! Now I can get that ugly boom box off my kitchen counter and use my dock!

I am so happy this came out! Now I can listen to my favourite radio station anywhere! Just so great!

Thank you so much! This app has completed my iPhone!!!

Overall Benefits

Customization is a core benefit with the ByrnesMedia iPhone App. This is not cookie-cutter software. You are left with an app that is unique… just like your station!

Once the design has been agreed upon and your application has been created and approved by Apple, you own it.

For stations that do not currently have streaming capabilities, we have partnered with StreamOn, one of the premier providers in Canada, to offer their services.

We have priced the ByrnesMedia iPhone App as aggressively as possible to ensure all stations, regardless of market size, have the opportunity to purchase it. Our existing ByrnesMedia-consulted stations receive a further price-reduction as part of our ongoing service to them. For pricing information, please call our toll-free number at 1-866-332-1331.

The ByrnesMedia iPhone App has quickly become one of the most sought after apps of its kind. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your listeners with this valuable service. You will not be disappointed.