Listener Driven Radio exclusive to Byrnes Media for Canada!

Listener Driven Radio And Byrnes Media Partner

To Give Canadian Listeners A Unique Programming Voice

Listener Driven Radio
(LDR) has formed a partnership alliance with Byrnes Media to launch a unique new software program which gives listeners in Canada greater control over the music they want to hear.

 Built on the concept of “crowd-sourcing,” listeners can use Internet access, their iPhone or smart-phone to provide input into what plays next on the air. LDR offers the audience a voice in shaping the overall music output of a brand regardless of whether there is a live personality, streamed online or a voice tracked show.

 LDR’s innovative software enables listener real time interaction via mobile, widget (embeddable on any site) or a station website, along with social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Twitter. Listener responses drive the on-air, digital platform or streamed programming through a series of specialized music scheduling parameters set up by the station’s program director.

 Byrnes Media and Listener Driven Radio are announcing the local release of the new Listener Driven Radio software, enabling Canadian broadcasters to become “crowdcasters.” Using LDR, listeners can effectively become “music directors” and engage with their favorite music radio brands wherever they go.

 Chris Byrnes, President of Byrnes Media said,”Listener Driven Radio is the first application that makes listeners real-time collaborators with a radio program director. LDR generates revenue and enables the radio station to take advantage of social network tools. This is a win-win opportunity for radio and the audience.”

 Byrnes continues, “What’s even better in today’s cost-conscience environment is that our customizable LDR software components integrate cross platform sales and campaigns while embedding them in various touch points of the software’s interaction with listeners.”

 LDR architect Daniel Anstandig added, “This is a new way of programming radio and growing your brand-community. It’s the first time that the power of what we call ‘crowdsourcing,’ or engaging the opinions and votes of your station’s reach and plugging it into your programming, has been harnessed this way for radio and its programmers. We are confident that this new feedback loop will benefit listeners and shareholders alike.”

 The unique widget based software within the LDR technology allows a broadcaster to constantly absorb listeners’ input, song votes, comments on music and automatically adapt programming output as listener input is received. LDR does this while instantly feeding social networks like Twitter to create increased listener tune in.

 Listener Driven Radio is a timely new digitally diverse model for analog and digital radio in Canada paralleling the local industry’s launch and development of a variety of formats on digital platforms, while also strengthening their AM and FM services.

 The company has generated high U.S. broadcast industry response since its launch in 2009. LDR triggered an immediate fully subscribed first phase roll-out, positively impacting the North American, U.K. and European radio markets in a short period of time. Initial sign-ups include Citadel Media, CBS Radio, Border Media, Vox Communications, and several European broadcasters.

 Canadian broadcasters can arrange a personal webinar LDR INTRODUCTION and demonstration by contacting BYRNES MEDIA principals CHRIS BYRNES at, DAVE CHARLES at, Cell 1 289 242 8313 or LEE CORNELL at LDR