WAB conference details

The Western Association of Broadcasters is pleased to announce our program agenda for the 76th annual conference “A Future in Focus” in Kananaskis Alberta, June 4 – 6, 2010.

The WAB looks to the future providing delegates with a focused view on what is coming down the pipeline, how it will affect our audience, suppliers, advertisers and regulators and most importantly, what you can do to prepare for it. With the rapidly changing landscape of broadcasting, the WAB 2010 conference aims to provide a road map for broadcasters to move forward and excel in uncertain times. We aim to provide a snapshot of the future with take home information on how to reach your audience and tap into “A Future in Focus”.

Starting on Friday with some excellent networking opportunities at our 76th Annual Golf Classic, Saturday is full of learning from broadcast experts with reports from the CAB, CRTC, CBSC, FACTOR and BBM. The WAB will also present our exciting panel presentation including panelists moderated by CTV Calgary broadcaster Len Perry.

Our keynote speaker is Tod Maffin – someone who really embodies a “Future in Focus”. Tod Maffin is quickly emerging as a leading international authority on the “Facebook Generation” and the strategic use of social media in every part of business — from human resources to real estate to mental health.

Our conference closes with the inspirational Canadian hero – Terry Evanshen. In 1988, the CFL Hall of Famer was returning from work when his jeep was struck by a van running a red light. He lay in the hospital, so near to death that a priest administered last rites. When Terry finally awoke from his coma, he didn’t know who he was; all 44 years of his famous life were completely gone from his memory.

The WAB is a great time to visit beautiful Kananaskis, Alberta and line it up for your visit to the Banff World Television Festival. Go to www.banff2010.com for more details.

For full conference details and to register on line go to www.wab.ca. June is a busy time in Kananaskis, so book your hotel soon with forms online.

For more information, please contact: Lesa Lacey, WAB (877) 814-2719 info@wab.ca