Back to School Ideas

Back Pack Full Of Prizes
Take the classic “Back Pack Full Of Prizes” for back to school, but add a “roulette” element by putting different bonus prizes in every back pack. Get one sponsor for the backpacks, then turn the sales team loose for the miscellaneous other prizes. Comes off as a little bit fresher twist.

Back to School Combo
Have a client give you a few $1,000 gift cards to give away. Get some school lockers, set them up and give away combinations. Your combo opens the locker, you get the money.

Back to School Olympics
As we all know, every client in the world loves to have appearances. But without a hook to get your listeners in the door, they generally get lost in the shuffle. In September, one way to target listeners is to host appearances with a “Back To School” theme. Hold wacky school-themed Olympics with stations featuring an “obstacle course” (games like memory and flashcards, apple eating contests, and the like, usually work well and are usually very entertaining). Another great activity to have on site is a child ID program. You can create cards with your logo on the front that has all the child’s information to be filled in, a Polaroid shot of them and a place for their fingerprints. This program is another great source of additional revenue for sponsorship and usually works well with a big variety of category sponsors.

Back to School Parent Party
With back-to-school quickly approaching, throw a Parent Party. Approach it from the angle of distraught parents who are so heartbroken their kids are going back to school, they’ll need something to lift their spirits. Have listeners call in with their sob stories, giving them tickets to the party. Then draw for a winner who gets a limo ride (including a limo ride to school for their kids), free breakfast and a $500 shopping spree.

Back to School
Create a weekend back-to-school package that includes sponsorships of special “Class Reunion” programming. Use music and trivia from past years to program segments or entire weekends. Besides traditional clothing retailers tie-in stores that sell appliances furniture and computers. Start the reunion Friday at 5 p.m. Continue it through Monday at midnight. Start promoting the special weekend on Wednesday with value-added client mentions.

Fall Safety Fair
Have your station sponsor and organize a safety fair for kids. It’s a super “Back to School” kickoff for your clients and a really great public service project. In the span of one day, you can touch literally dozens of organizations and hundreds of people. Tie in everything from the fire department to the SPCA, and tons of sales vendors as well. Clients who will be able to showcase and even sell products which promote safety and provide overall good, clean family entertainment.

First Day Fund
First Day Fund is a charitable promotion that provides school supplies for kids who can’t afford them. It can come in the way of taking up a collection at a retailer(s), having a deejay broadcast live from the roof of a retailer until the goal is raised, a school supply/office supply store donating XX cents from every purchase toward the fund, etc.

High School Survivor
Listeners are invited to visit the station website, where there’s a list of every high school in the area. They then vote on the rival high school. Or any high school other than their own. Every night on the air, the highest vote-getter is deleted and a tiny headstone appears next to their name.  The last school standing gets a concert.

Lunch for Kids
Work with a packaged food producer to execute a program that provides lunch for kids at school as a fundraiser for the school, or its favourite charity. The radio station provides promotional support, encouraging parents, students, teachers, whoever to fax in to request your crew to come out to their school. Once there you prepare and serve lunch to the school, students, teachers, parents, etc. Lunches are offered for a donation to the charity. Your jocks interact with the students and do live cut-ins back to the station. The promotion is easy to execute as the food producer does all the food prep, you simply provide the promotional air time and jocks as hosts. It is a great “feel good” promotion.

Make A Mad Dash
Well, back-to-school time is right around the corner, and what better than a race for school supplies. If you’re in a college town this one’s really good, set something up with a bookstore in the area for a $200 spending spree. Do a remote to promo the day the winner is supposed to make their 5 minute dash, great for getting people out to see someone make a mad dash, plus you’re promoting education, well, sort of. Promo it up big on the other shows and have the contest drawing on the morning show.

Pepsi Jail
One way to raise money for local charity, and give away Pepsi product, is build a jail of cases of Pepsi, and lock up your midday air personality. Patrons at the mall can donate money to the charity and take a 12-pack or case of Pepsi, depending on the donation. Plug it on the air starting with the morning show, middays are live from jail, and into afternoon drive, until the jail is torn down. Pick a high traffic day for the mall, like on the Friday before school starts. Good TV coverage, and good exposure for charity.